* is supplier of transport solutions supporting supply chains. Our specialty is trucking of foreign loading units of irrespective of type.

From the very beginning of our activity we have focused on road international transport services.

For a few recent years, as a result of constant growth and made investments we have become
a provider of trucking services which are our specialty and a distinctive mark at the same time.


in a road transport means trucking of products (the most frequently belonging to a third party) by a truck and personnel of a company rendering trucking services and by means of loading unit of a company, which purchases the trucking service.

it is characterized by regularity and regular, non-one-time orders of the transport services. This is a kind of dedicated transport based on contract for a truck tractor service, together with personnel, the most frequently for a definite time.

Our client - logistics operator or a forwarder

- takes care for volume of a load on trailers and relevant flow of goods while trucking services provider assures independent and direct (no possibility to sub-contract) arrangement of a transport in such a way to supply goods at a specified time to a specified location. Trucking carrier does not accept loads by itself.

We are a member of international logistics industry

we operate in a planned and stable way, we have been growing quickly and we have regular clients and partners.

Proper investments in the latest vehicles and new technologies

assure our quality and efficiency of services we render. Hence, we and consequently, our clients have a competitive advantage. We have been working on technological processes regularly. We have increased efficiency of services and managed to reduce risk of potential failures.
Experience and competences of our team, having been gained for years, enable us to render services in an effective manner and at the highest level.

We consider transport to be a team discipline

hence, we put a lot of pressure on a team work. We hire people, who think problems exist in order to look for a solution and who can work in a team and keep clear way of communication. Good communication and mutual support is a basis of good cooperation for us. We expect our employees to be pro-active as well as to keep clear and legible communication and to perform just-in-time actions. We are reliable and we always fulfill our obligations.

Trying to face needs of our clients

we have developed series of individual solutions optimizing cooperation and having an impact on comfort during it. All of these makes us a reliable and loyal partner in everyday cooperation.


Be an unshaken
partner of
logistics operator.
We want to become a leading trucking carrier
in the international transport. To achieve our goal,
we base our business on development of cooperation
with leaders of contracted logistics market
by implementation of varied designs
and innovative processes.


We keep our promises and we never promise something we are not able to complete, therefore, we always have it out. Every employee is liable for his/her words and actions before clients, superiors or co-employees.


A client is offered unique solutions carried out by competent, responsible and experienced employees. We make efforts to solve problems operatively and in a body, trying to learn and make our services perfect.


We think it is obvious we show our respect to co-employees, clients and suppliers.


We cooperate together as individuals and teams, contributing to mutual goals. We cooperate with clients and partners, we try to understand their needs and problems.


Fulfilling out duties we do it earnestly and on time, but we try to make our 100% best every time. We have open minds when it comes about new solutions and we show our initiative.


Innovativeness is one of our priorities, therefore, we look for innovativeness in our processes, we implement and enhance modern technological solutions regularly (averagely, we replace our fleet every 24 - 36 months with the latest vehicles available in the market).


Support for
contract logistics

Are you looking for a reliable partner, who will be a great support in the field of road transport services? Irrespective of a business sector or a need for means of transport you may rely on us. As a company experienced in the transport market and specializing in the trucking services, we will respond to your needs perfectly well.


We are among a few companies in Poland which implement integrated logistics process management systems of our business partners. This highly specialized system enhances all of the processes taking place in the entire chain of supplies. We have been regularly working on functionalities related to location of goods, quantity control, monitoring of course of order as well as many other attributes making everyday cooperation with logistics operators simpler.

Care for
natural environment

We have always taken care to minimize negative influence on the environment. We have regularly invested in a fleet meeting the highest standards of CO2 emission and technological solutions ensuring us economic and ecological driving.


We try to develop, for every individual client, dedicated manuals and individual algorithms of a service entered into our map of processes.


We develop open and durable relations with our partners. Our success is success of a logistics partner we support.


We are a company which a safe and modern fleet, meeting the most restrictive ecologic standards is one of basic priorities of business for.

Innovativeness, safety and ecology, apart from the economy, are the most important factors we pay attention to when selecting and maintaining vehicles constituting our fleet.

The fleet is equipped with the latest devices assuring the safety, it is a guarantee of quick and effective transport of cargo. Modern and ecologic fleet is one of many advantages of Cargo Expert Group and it affects directly quality of services and satisfaction of our clients. Averagely every 24-26 months we replace our fleet with the latest vehicles available in the market.



We support logistics operators in the field of performance of contracted transport services for their clients. We do trucking of semitrailers, tank trucks and containers.

By handover of vehicles dedicated to a non-stop service we take care for smoothness and continuity of a logistics process. We intend to develop optimal solutions which could guarantee a client the highest quality of rendered services.

As a professional carrier we realize that proper performance of transport service is a key to effective planning and smooth course of logistics process.