* Is a contract haulier providing a trucking service for external load transport units of each type.

We have been focusing on the international road transport since the beginning of our business.

Following the constant development and investments, over the last several years we have
become a provider of trucking services which have become our specialty and brand mark.


Contract carrier - a carrier hired to provide services to a loader which is most often a logistics operator or a forwarder. The service is provided on the basis on a special agreement (a contract). The agreement specifies the financial terms and the settlement principles, the scope of the legal responsibility, the type of services and the equipment used to provide the service.


In the road transport business, this means carrying loads by means of a semi-trailer truck and a team belonging to a contract carrier and with the use of a load transport unit (a trailer, a tanker or a container) of a trucking service customer.

It is a regular service, provided against on constant (not one time) transport orders. This is a dedicated form of transport which involves contracting a semi-trailer truck with a team, usually for an indefinite period of time.

Our client - logistics operator or a forwarder

The client cares about the size of load on its trailers and the correct flow of goods while the trailer trucking service provider organizes the transport on an independent and direct basis (without sub-contracting other carriers) so as to make sure that the goods arrive within a specified period of time at a specified place.

We are a part of the international logistics sector

We are a stable and professional partner for logistics operators and international road transport forwarders, providing them with optimised transport solutions supporting the chain of supplies.

Proper investments in high-tech vehicles and new technologies

provide the services with quality and efficiency. This gives us and our clients a competitive advantage. We constantly improve our engineering processes, increase the efficiency of services and reduce the risk of potential failures.
Our team's experience and competencies which have been built over years allow us to deliver our services in an effective way and at the highest quality level.

We consider transport to be a team-oriented discipline

and therefore we strongly focus on teamwork. We employ people who believe that problems are simply to be solved, who can work as a team and are able to communicate in an open-minded way. We consider good communication and mutual help to be the key to successful collaboration. We expect our employees to be pro-active, communicate in a clear and legible way and act "just in time". We are trustworthy and we always stick to our promises.

To meet our clients' needs,

we have developed several unique solutions to optimise the collaboration and make it fully comfortable. All this makes us a trustworthy and loyal partner in course of everyday cooperation.


To be a firm
partner for
a logistics operator.
"We want to become one of the leading contract carriers providing the semi-trailer trucking services in the international transport sector" In our everyday work, we are guided by values which determine the organisation culture of our company.


We keep our promises and we do not declare anything we cannot provide; therefore, we always "lay all cards on the table”. Each employee is responsible for their words and actions both before the clients as well as the management and the collaborators.


We provide the Client with optimised solutions which are implemented by competent, responsible and experienced employees. We take an efficient and complex approach to solving problems while doing our best to educate and improve ourselves.


We believe that it is the most normal thing in the world to show respect to the collaborators, customers and suppliers.


We work together as individuals and as teams to pursue our joint goals. While working with our clients and partners, we do our best to explore and understand their needs and problems.


We not only carry out our duties in a thorough and timely manner but we also do our best at every moment. We are open to new solutions and we act on our own initiative.



Are you looking for a trustworthy partner who could provide you with a reliable and permanent support in carrying out contracts for the road transport of goods? If you are - you can count on us. As a company with an transport market experience, specialised in providing trailer trucking services, we will perfectly satisfy your needs.

Care for
natural environment

We have always taken care to minimize negative influence on the environment. We have regularly invested in a fleet meeting the highest standards of CO2 emission and technological solutions ensuring us economic and ecological driving.


We do our best to develop dedicated instructions for every client and individual service algorithms included in our process map.


We are a company to which safe and modern fleet meeting the strictest environmental standards is one of the fundamental operational priorities.

Innovation, safety and environmental performance are, apart from being economical, the most important factors which play the key role in selection and maintenance of the vehicles within our fleet.

Our today's fleet consists above of 100 high-tech trailer trucks which comply with the EURO 6 category exhaust emission standards and are equipped with the latest devices providing safety and guaranteeing fast and efficient transport of goods. We use all our vehicles for 2-3 years. Following this period, we replace the fleet with the newest vehicles available in the market because the guarantee of failure-free reliability is our priority.



We support logistics operators in carrying out contract transports for their customers. We offer trucking services for semi-trailers, tankers and containers.

By providing dedicated vehicles for a permanent assistance, we make sure that the logistics process goes smoothly and continuously. We aim at optimised solutions which can guarantee the highest quality of the services provided to the customer.

As a professional carrier, we realise that the properly delivered transport service is a key to effective planning and efficient logistics process flow.



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